Cara S. Rivera

Cara co-founded KWF Consulting and KWF Editorial and from the start—nearly two decades ago now—has served as the companies’ managing director, working alongside our extraordinary staff to ensure that the organization continually meets and exceeds the needs of our clients, remains responsive to changes in the market, and is prepared for growth while upholding our commitment to delivering unparalleled service.

Before KWF Consulting and KWF Editorial, Cara was an executive responsible for business and technology development at Wolters Kluwer. In previous positions, she was a publisher, executive editor, and marketing director. Cara also served as managing editor of a specialty book series and worked in the editorial department of a large association. Cara received an undergraduate degree in English with high honors from Carleton College and an MBA in marketing and marketing research from DePaul University.

Marjory Spraycar

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, 2009-2017 (Retired)

Alma Wills

Co-Founder and Partner, 2000-2013 (Retired)

Fred H. Fusting

Co-Founder and Partner, 2007-2017 (Retired)

Executive Management

Erin McMullan

Erin joined KWF Editorial in 2016 and has over 20 years of experience in scholarly publishing.  As a key member of KWF Editorial’s executive management team, Erin works with scholarly publishing decision-makers to create editorial solutions that achieve their goals and exceed their expectations. She participates extensively in professional societies and leads outward-facing communications for the company, making sure they reflect the excellence and professionalism of the KWF brand. While in the role of editorial director, Erin worked very closely with the KWF clients and managing editors to ensure their satisfaction. Prior to joining KWF Editorial, she was managing editor for three of the high-impact journals of the American Association for Cancer Research. She also held a variety of positions in the books and journals divisions at Wolters Kluwer, including five years in a publisher role for a portfolio of 12 ophthalmology journals. The portfolio included Wolters Kluwer-owned publications, as well as publications managed on behalf of society partners, giving her a thorough understanding of both types of organizations’ needs and where they intersect. Erin holds a BA in English literature from Temple University and a MA in political theory and social criticism from Queen’s University, Belfast.

Kelly Hadsell

Kelly joined KWF Editorial in 2016. With more than 20 years of experience in publishing, she is the client liaison for many client journals, ensuring that client expectations are met by implementing best publishing practices and the highest levels of customer support. Kelly supervises a team of experienced managing editors who facilitate editorial work on client journals, provide copyediting and permissions services, and complete other special projects such as transition support. Kelly’s previous experience includes serving as managing editor for the Journal for Immunotherapy of Cancer and as the director of editorial operations for the eight journals of the American Association for Cancer Research. She is also the chairperson of the Council of Science Editors’ Editorial Policy Committee and an editorial board member for the journal Peer Review Research and Integrity. Kelly holds a BA in English from Rutgers University.

Alexandra Kahler

Alex joined KWF Editorial in 2011. Alex leads a team of managing editors who deliver high-quality customer service and efficient execution of a wide array of editorial and production tasks. Her skillset includes process management and data visualization, as well as workflow analysis, documentation, and training.  Alex also applies her information management expertise to design integrated single and multi-journal dashboard solutions for KWF Editorial clients, creating efficiencies responsive to each journal’s individual needs.  She is a proficient administrator of Aries’ Enterprise Analytics Reporting System (EAR), ScholarOne’s Cognos reports, and other industry-specific data tools utilized at all stages of the scholarly publishing cycle. Prior to joining KWF Editorial, Alex was a laboratory researcher specializing in microbial genetics, and later taught secondary biology and chemistry and managed science faculty training and development. She holds a BS with honors in cell biology and molecular genetics from the University of Maryland, College Park, and a Post-Baccalaureate Teaching Certificate from Marshall University.

Yvonne Chan

Yvonne joined KWF Editorial in 2019.  She leads a team of managing editors to ensure that the highest level of editorial services is provided and maintained for the publications handled within her portfolio.  Yvonne has more than 21 years of STM publishing experience. Prior to KWF, Yvonne held various editorial titles at Springer Nature focusing on the growth and editorial development of high-profile society publications in the biomedical and clinical medicine fields.  She has extensive knowledge across all editorial aspects of journal publishing including manuscript and production workflows and worked closely with journal contributors such as societies and editors to support and fulfill the strategic vision and mission for their publications.  Yvonne holds a BS in Communications from New York University.

Monica Leigh

Monica joined KWF Editorial in 2011.  She leads a team of managing editors who manage high-volume journals by using web-based workflow tracking systems. Additionally, Monica assists clients in improving their protocols for greater efficiency and training purposes. A proficient user of Editorial Manager, she has assisted client transitions from other management systems, providing broader insight into process handling and system configuration. She has managed a variety of tasks including editorial workflows, peer review management, production, proofreading, and chasing, while providing submission systems expertise. Monica regularly attends professional industry conferences to stay current with best practices. Prior to working for KWF Editorial, Monica was board president for multiple organizations, served as a staff writer for a university president, taught language arts and SAT/ACT prep courses, worked for a book publisher, was a journalist for a local newspaper, and was a curricula writer for a literary textbook. She holds a BA in writing seminars, with a minor in psychology, from The Johns Hopkins University.

Account Management

Julia Choe-Castillo

Julia joined KWF Editorial in 2014.  Julia leads a large team of scientific researchers who are experienced in publishing and employ their dual expertise across STEM to assess individual manuscripts and identify well-matched academic editors and/or reviewers. Julia analyzes task data to provide ongoing feedback to all KWF Editorial research associates, ensuring that our scientific specialist services are highly efficient and efficacious. Julia’s area of specialization is public health in which she has 25 years of experience in programming and research. Prior to joining KWF Editorial, Julia served as director of special projects for the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s Office of School Health.  She is a peer reviewer for the American Journal of Public Health and has published in several journals, including the Journal of School Health and Clinical Infectious Diseases.  Julia holds an MPH in population and family health from Columbia University.

Karen Doyle

Karen joined KWF Editorial in 2014. She manages several high-volume journals, providing editorial support to clients, editors, reviewers, and authors, and oversees a staff of editorial associates. Karen is also responsible for training new editors, and she has prepared formal workflow documentation and reporting for her journals. She has over 20 years of experience in scholarly publishing, ranging from editorial to production, and expertise in Editorial Manager, eJournalPress, and ScholarOne manuscript systems. Karen holds a BA in Retail Management from Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science.

Michelle Gaffney

Michelle joined KWF Editorial in 2011. Michelle works very closely with the editor-in-chief, editorial board, and publisher to cultivate and maintain new journal initiatives and special projects to increase the journal’s presence in the field. Michelle has assisted the editor-in-chief in achieving several of the journal’s goals including significantly increasing journal submissions, Impact Factor, and social media presence. Michelle’s 18 years of journal management includes 12 years with the American Heart Association. She has extensive knowledge of Editorial Manager, eJournalPress, and Bench>Press. Michelle holds a BA from Towson University and a copyediting certificate from UCSD Extension.

Michelle Lenker

Michelle joined KWF Editorial in September 2015. She has supported clients by developing editorial and production protocols, supervising peer review processes, managing production workflows, executing style manuals, maintaining Editorial Board records and reports, and managing and working with staff to meet all other client needs.  Michelle came to KWF Editorial with almost 20 years’ experience in scholarly publishing. She worked for the American Association for Cancer Research for several years where she managed the launch, review process, and production of a successful cancer therapeutics journal. She also assisted in marketing efforts for the journal and contributed to the updating of the organization’s style guide. Michelle holds a BA in English/professional writing from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.

Lindsay MacMurray

Lindsay joined KWF Editorial in 2014.  She manages several journals, and with the support of the KWF Editorial associates she supervises, ensures that the publications are running efficiently and reflect best practices. She works closely with editors, authors, and reviewers, and has developed and maintained exceptional relationships with our society partners, even being invited to and assisting with international editorial board meetings. Lindsay is an expert user of Editorial Manager and is skilled at analyzing peer review processes to create and implement efficient workflows, managing peer review for high- volume and high-impact publications. Additionally, Lindsay has assisted in the launch, training, and daily operations of three open access publications.  Lindsay came to KWF Editorial with previous experience in scholarly publishing, including six years with the publishing program at the American Psychological Association.  Lindsay holds a BA from Boston College and a MSW in Social Work from Catholic University.

Elizabeth Marshall

Elizabeth started working with (what is now) KWF Editorial in 2008. She is the long-time managing editor of several client journals and, with the support of an editorial associate, is responsible for all aspects of her society accounts’ editorial process, from submission through issue compilation, always providing a high level of customer service to her editors, authors, reviewers, and society and publisher contacts. Elizabeth has led the journals that she supports through editor-in-chief transitions, trained multiple associate editors, and developed formal workflow documentation and reporting for all of her journals. She is a ScholarOne power user and has helped with several ScholarOne site analysis reports. Prior to working for KWF Editorial, Elizabeth was as an editorial assistant at the American Geophysical Union, an associate in the scheduling department at PBS national headquarters, and a closed captioning transcriptionist. She holds a BA in English from St. Mary’s College of Maryland.

Katharine Murphy

Katie joined KWF Editorial in 2016. With more than a decade of experience in scholarly publishing, Katie handles a wide range of editorial work, including oversight of submission, peer review, and decision workflows, and handling projects that require a higher level of experience, such as covering for managing editors on leaves of absence or facilitating social media campaigns. Katie has expertise implementing and managing = social media for journals. She was a featured speaker at the 2016 and 2017 ISMTE North American meetings and presented a webinar on social media management in scholarly publishing. Katie is also an expert user of Editorial Manager and eJournal Press, with a deep knowledge of their reporting functions and available configurations. Katie has worked on the editorial side of journals with Elsevier, Cell Press, the American Heart Association, and the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics. Katie holds a BA from Assumption College in English with a concentration on writing and mass communications and an MA from Emerson College in writing, literature, and publishing.

Melissa Schmidt

Melissa Berbusse Schmidt joined KWF Editorial in 2018 with more than 15 years of experience as Managing or Executive Editor of medical journals in a wide variety of subspecialties such as ophthalmology, cosmetic surgery, neurosurgery, and orthopedics. Melissa brings extensive expertise in workflow design and efficiency, strategic planning for journal growth or expansion, budget management, and staff development. Melissa has worked alongside colleagues at nearly all major scholarly publishing houses, including Elsevier, Wolters Kluwer, SAGE, and Oxford University Press. She brings to KWF a particular love for (and successful track record of) supporting the growth of small-to-mid-sized journals looking to bring their procedures in line with industry best practices or expand their appeal to authors. For several of these journals, Melissa managed transitions between publishers from start to finish, including everything from the Request for Proposals (RFP) process to the education of authors and reviewers on a new submission system. Melissa also brings deep experience with many scholarly submission and review systems; she was a member of a select beta testing group for Editorial Manager through Aries Systems from 2002-2004, and has since worked intensively with Manuscript Central/ScholarONE. Melissa holds a Bachelor of Arts in English, along with a Master of Education in Adult Education for Health Professionals.

Carrie Smedstad

Carrie joined KWF Editorial in 2011. Carrie leads associates dedicated to a range of high-volume editorial and production workflows, including editor assignment, editor and reviewer chasing, and manuscript proofing. Carrie analyzes task data and conducts regular work assessments to ensure that each team delivers exceptional efficiency to our clients while providing thorough, high-quality work.  She has partnered with our clients to optimize workflows for both high- volume tasks and for a variety of specialty manuscript types such as clinical trials, transfers, resubmissions, and reassignments. Carrie is an expert user of Editorial Manager, adept at forensic evaluation of technical issues. Prior to joining KWF Editorial, Carrie worked as a project coordinator in the IT staffing field, where she specialized in assessing and procuring the resources needed for technical short-term projects. Carrie holds a BA in world history from Oklahoma State University.

Stephanie Wauson

Stephanie joined KWF Editorial in 2015. For the journals she manages, Stephanie oversees the peer review process and consistently strives to provide a positive experience to editors, authors, and reviewers; ensures that production deadlines are met; trains new staff; runs reports; and updates journal protocols. Stephanie has extensive knowledge of Editorial Manager and has assisted with the transition and configuration of a journal to ScholarOne Manuscripts. She has over 15 years’ experience in the scientific publishing field, including work with the Annals of Emergency Medicine and the Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis, where she supported the work of more than 65 editors, organized and monitored social media outlets, managed the continuing medical education (CME) programs for the journals, and worked with journal stakeholders to reduce the turnaround times to less than 1.5 days for initial processing of new manuscripts. Stephanie holds a BS from Creighton University.

Stacie Yuhasz

Stacie joined KWF Editorial in September 2015. She serves as the managing editor for a society client journal, working closely with the editor-in-chief, managing all aspects of the peer review process as well as journal social media content creation and outreach and interfacing with the society’s publisher with respect to journal print and online production activities. She is an expert user of ScholarOne Manuscripts and Editorial Manager.  Stacie has over 25 years’ experience in STEM publishing and has served as the managing editor for Proteins: Structure, Function and Bioinformatics and the editor-in-chief for the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development (JRRD). She earned dual BS degrees in marine biology/marine chemistry from Southampton College of Long Island University and earned a PhD in biophysics from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.


Jennifer Rowley

Jenny is responsible for a wide range of administrative and operational activities at KWF Consulting. To ensure prompt attention to the company’s changing needs, she maintains vendor relationships such as those offering IT, payroll, and telecommunication services. Jenny also supports business operations by providing technical solutions that improve operational efficiency.

Lisa Colón

Lisa works within the Business Management team as the Administrative Assistant. In this position, she supports each and every Peer Review Associate, Senior Peer Review Associate, Managing Editor, Editorial Director, and Managing Partner at KWF Editorial. With 12 years of administrative and human resource experience, Lisa brings a high level of organization and dedication to her position and the company.

Maureen Bagwell

Maureen provides accounting services to KWF Consulting including client billing, assistance with budgets and payroll, and preparation of financial statements. Maureen is the President of Bagwell Accounting Services (BAS) which provides financial strategy and operational accounting services to small businesses in the Baltimore area.

Editorial Associates

Connie Connolly

Peer Review Associate

Jason Daniels

Peer Review Associate

Cindy DeLano

Peer Review Associate

Gita Delsing

Senior Peer Review Associate

Trista DiPaula

Peer Review Associate

Angela Dorsey

Senior Peer Review Associate

Abigail Greenwood

Peer Review Associate

Kristi Ivanova

Senior Peer Review Associate

Megan Johnson

Peer Review Associate

Bev King

Peer Review Associate

Aldonita Lane

Peer Review Associate

Amy Love

Senior Peer Review Associate

Angelique Ly

Senior Peer Review Associate

Ivy McMullen

Peer Review Associate

Bridget Meyer

Peer Review Associate

Carla Morales

Senior Peer Review Associate

Sheena Mouton

Peer Review Associate

Safiyah Murray

Peer Review Associate

Shruti Narang

Peer Review Associate

Lois O’Boyle

Peer Review Associate

Susan O’Connor

Peer Review Associate

Tracee Popielarczyk

Peer Review Associate

Kristen Quaranta

Peer Review Associate

Tresa Rai

Peer Review Associate

Carly Ramer

Peer Review Associate

Theresa Richards

Peer Review Associate

Janet Sei

Peer Review Associate

Karen Sorensen

Peer Review Associate

Eric Tang

Senior Peer Review Associate

Ann Tennier

Peer Review Associate

Nancy Toby

Senior Peer Review Associate

Janet Tumelty

Peer Review Associate

Jennifer Weiner

Peer Review Associate

Sarah Wilt

Peer Review Associate

Rebecca Vislay-Wade

Senior Peer Review Associate

Colleen Young

Senior Peer Review Associate

Production Associates

Erica Berquist

Production Associate

Marwa Fayed

Senior Production Specialist

Laura Hermoza

Production Specialist

Cathy Kessler

Production Specialist

Erin LaFlame

Production Specialist

Kristen Russell

Production Specialist

Megan Silvius

Production Specialist

Michaela Vaporis

Production Specialist