KWF Editorial’s scientific specialists provide qualified expertise from across the STEM spectrum.

KWF Editorial has a staff of associates holding credentials in scientific specialties across the STEM spectrum. 12 of our associates hold a PhD and over 25 hold a Master of Science or a Master of Public Health, with expertise spanning the following fields:

  • Physics, chemistry, engineering, and technology
  • Economics, math, and computer science
  • Animal, marine, microbial, plant and environmental ecology
  • Zoology, botany, geology, and paleontology
  • Molecular biology, genetics, and bioinformatics
  • Clinical medicine and clinical trials across all specialties
  • Public health, health services, and epidemiology
  • Psychology, sociology, and education

Our qualified scientific associates, many of whom are published researchers with years of experience, are adept at identifying reviewers and can assist with a variety of subject-specific pre- and post-publication tasks. The following table provides a sampling of the scientific specialty services we offer:

Content SUPPORT services Examples
Submissions scanning
  • Manuscript viability
  • Scope assessment
  • Ethics statement and permit checks
  • Conflict of interest identification
  • Data policy adherence
Editor support
  • Reviewer identification
  • Editorial board candidate identification
  • Academic editor selection for manuscript assignment
Publication support
  • Identification of keywords for manuscript tagging
  • Issue flagging
  • Issue highlights  
  • Summaries of featured articles
  • Special issue management


KWF Editorial is a leading editorial services provider to the scholarly publishing community.

For our publisher partners, we manage their editorial offices, administer a la carte journal peer review services, identify reviewers and expand and tag reviewer databases, offer copyediting and production services, maintain websites, promote your authors' work through social media, and produce meaningful analytics and reports.Meet Our Team