From careful manuscript quality checks, to providing reviewer research or handling author communications, KWF Editorial improves efficiency and outcomes in the peer review process.

KWF Editorial associates have the professional polish to maintain the exceptional reputation of your journal while handling one or more activities in the peer review process, such as checking in submissions, sending letters, answering phone calls, responding to queries in the in-box, and participating in conference calls with internal stakeholders or editors. KWF Editorial associates are able to bring efficiencies and publishing best practices to your workflows, and through our customized dashboards, our clients can see the status of each workflow that we manage at a glance. We are thoroughly familiar with each of the major peer review management systems. The following table provides a sampling of the peer review services we offer:

Services Sampling of activities
Manuscript processing
  • Promptly handle each manuscript that enters the queue according to established protocols and efficiency benchmarks
  • Check manuscript details based on client-approved checklists
  • Return manuscripts not meeting requirements to authors for correction
  • Resolve bounced emails
  • Use plagiarism detection software to screen incoming manuscripts
  • Handle special content types such as invited manuscripts, supplements and special issues, multimedia, co-submissions, transfers, and clinical trials
  • Proactively suggest improvements that will bring efficiencies or improved author, reviewer, or editor experiences
  • Provide final quality checks on accepted manuscripts and launch to production
  • Check and approve final page proofs
KWF custom dashboards
  • Provide transparent, granular workflow oversight of all KWF-supported workflows
  • Pull data for tasks in real time, allowing at-a-glance visualization of queues
  • Create efficiencies by eliminating the need to open individual manuscripts to check last actions and notes
  • Allow for instant prioritization of workflows, improving efficiency and customer service
  • Collect workflow data over time, providing continuous and automated analyses, and supporting data-driven process improvement decisions
  • Multi-journal dashboards collect desired data from individual journal dashboards, enabling oversight of multiple journals in a single view
Editor support
  • Monitor workflow for editors
  • Notify editors of problems with review of assigned manuscripts
  • Participate in routine phone calls and meetings
  • Attend editorial board meetings if requested
Reviewer management
  • Obtain reviewers for each manuscript, including statistical reviews, as directed by editors
  • Prompt reviewers, helping to ensure a timely review process
  • Database management including registering/adding new reviewers, keeping contact records up to date, and resolving duplicate accounts
Author communication
  • Communicate with authors about the status of submissions
  • Draft, proof, and send decision letters to authors  
  • Obtain necessary figures/artwork in a format which meets publication requirements
  • Collect disclosure forms and permissions letters
Customer service and technical support
  • Monitor email and phone accounts and answer inquiries in a prompt, professional manner
  • Provide technical assistance to editors, authors, and reviewers related to the peer review system
  • Work with the peer review system vendor to configure new features or resolve technical issues


KWF Editorial is a leading editorial services provider to the scholarly publishing community.

For our publisher partners, we manage their editorial offices, administer a la carte journal peer review services, identify reviewers and expand and tag reviewer databases, offer copyediting and production services, maintain websites, promote your authors' work through social media, and produce meaningful analytics and reports.Meet Our Team