KWF Editorial developed and implemented a new permissions workflow.

A society needed a solid process to track permissions and easily access details of permissions granted, for use across the divisions of their organization and across content types, including journals, books, and other special publications.

Two KWF associates with a depth of expertise in project management and permissions supported the client in this initiative. The initial project had several requirements:

  • High-priority permissions: KWF Editorial associates started work quickly and worked additional hours at the request of the society in order to meet tight deadlines for some high-priority content that would soon be published.
  • A permissions workflow and documentation: KWF associates worked with the publications managers to establish a workflow and create documentation of the process
  • A digital form for stakeholders: the KWF associates created a form that society stakeholders would submit in order to prioritize requests for permissions work
  • A digital tracking and archiving tool: KWF Editorial editorial built a dashboard that tracked the status of pending permissions and was also searchable for access to the specific rights granted for all content. The tracker also provided link-outs to permission documents in the society’s archive.

The client was pleased with the results and asked a KWF associate to continue handling the permissions workflow on an ongoing basis. By utilizing KWF Editorial, the society had access to specialized expertise and saved valuable time for their in-house staff and management.