KWF Editorial was asked to provide support for a journal’s in-house editorial staff, gradually taking on additional work as the client’s portfolio grew.

The client knew that the KWF Editorial staff has years of experience and could be trusted to take on new tasks and handle a wide variety of journal workflows with minimal oversight. Specific editorial services we provided included, but were not limited to, processing new and revised manuscripts; providing author, editor, and reviewer support; sending reminders to authors, editors, and reviewers; database updating; preparing the annual reviewer acknowledgement; forms processing, and other discrete projects. When a new open access journal was added to the client’s portfolio, the client expanded their agreement with KWF Editorial to include supporting the fledgling journal. In addition, the client asked us to provide coverage for a leave of absence for a member of the journal’s in-house staff.

KWF Editorial’s flexible and scalable staffing provides solutions to the client’s changing staffing needs that may otherwise cause gaps in productivity or lead to significant financial and time investments for the journal.