KWF Editorial was asked to manage the peer review process for a client their existing journals and to assist with the launch of a new open access journal.

A KWF Editorial managing editor with nine years’ experience in scholarly publishing, including prior experience launching an open access journal, filled this role which included supervising the journals’ existing editorial assistants, managing the peer review process, and communicating with authors, reviewers, and other members of the editorial and production teams.To facilitate the launch of one of a new open access journal, the KWF associate worked closely with the society and the manuscript management system vendor to configure a smooth workflow for the transfer of manuscripts from one society publication to another. Additionally, the managing editor was tasked to streamline the review process, decrease turnaround times, and ensure consistency of process and policy between the society’s multiple journals, including:

*Establishing time frames for uninviting non-responsive reviewers

*Creating a weekly report that identified lingering manuscripts

*Standardizing and revising template letters throughout the journals’ program

*Refining documentation of the various processes and policies implemented

*Centralizing the processes for handling invited or solicited content

*Reporting on key performance indicators

Having an experienced KWF associate supporting the society in a mid-level management role provides the bandwidth needed to implement changes and improvements in a growing portfolio while allowing the society’s managers to focus on the higher-level strategic initiatives of their open access journals.