KWF Editorial’s challenge was to rapidly hire and train a large team of production specialists who could manage the QC of more than 100 proofs per day.

KWF Editorial put a team in place that included an experienced managing editor and 12 part-time production specialists. A three-day, in-person training session was held to get the team trained very quickly for proofreading PDF and HTML/XML copy.

KWF was successful in quickly and accurately reviewing each proof for items on the QC checklist, marking errors for the compositor, and tracking and reporting on issues that may require feedback to the compositor. Using a KWF dashboard, we were able to provide the client with reports on productivity, common errors, turn times, and more. We were also able to scale up and down to handle days with larger volumes of publications as well as days with slower volume.

Completing more than 2,000 proofs per month, KWF Editorial’s team continues to handle this work, scaling up to handle periods where a higher volume of proofs require QC and scaling down staff during slower periods. The client demonstrates confidence in our team by entrusting us with providing the final approval of the page proofs prior to publication.