The managers of a high volume journal sought KWF Editorial’s assistance to improve the efficiency of the editor and reviewer chasing workflows that that followed the automated chasing emails sent by their manuscript management system.

KWF Editorial responded to this challenge by developing a custom dashboard solution which divided overdue manuscripts by category (needs reviewers, overdue reviewers, overdue decisions, etc) and applied a chasing timeline to each manuscript based on the journal’s requirements. The dashboard automatically prompted staff to email editors and authors as needed and provided an efficient place to tick progress for each manuscript along the chasing timeline, preventing the need for staff to open individual manuscripts to determine when the last chase was sent. KWF Editorial’s solution ensured the client’s chasing timeline targets were met for 100% of manuscripts, and improved the average resolution time for overdue editor and reviewer actions.

KWF Editorial was also given responsibility for handling the email inbox where the editors and reviewers might respond to chases. The client’s communication guidelines were used to  respond to most queries, while some problematic responses were escalated to the client when necessary. KWF Editorial’s solution for high volume chasing has proven to be highly successful.