A client sought assistance because they did not have a convenient mechanism for tracking the progress of special issue manuscripts.

The manuscript management system required staff to go into folders and open individual manuscripts to determine next steps.There was no central place where staff could get an overview of which manuscripts needed a priority action, how many staff resources were needed to handle the manuscripts in the system, or how close the special issues were to completion in order to meet deadlines.

KWF Editorial created a customized dashboard as a solution to this problem. Dashboards are updated in real time on a shared platform, and in this case, one was designed to show the number of manuscripts in each phase of the process for each special issue, as well as for the regular issue, making it easy to determine the progress of each issue relative to the due date. Conditional formatting on the dashboard highlighted those areas where an immediate action was needed, and corresponded to a detail tab where staff could see the next steps to take at a glance. The dashboard  provided the road map for staff to work through the manuscript queues quickly and in order of priority. This was a significant time-saver compared to opening each manuscript to see what next step was needed.

KWF Editorial’s dashboard technology can serve the particular needs of a client, whether tracking special issues or showing which manuscripts need a chase based on a running countdown for days under review.