Pressing needs and effective solutions

Content may by king – but competition for the throne is fierce.

Attracting more high-impact manuscripts is a top priority for many of our journal-publishing clients who face threats from new and long-time competitors.

Other clients want to leap-frog their rivals by developing new products or features to better serve their authors and readers and provide outlets for publishing research from emerging fields.

Whatever the situation, recruiting compelling content is crucial. And the key to attracting that content is understanding what authors value and what they think of your brand. Only then can you position yourself to maximize submission of high-quality manuscripts.

With decades of experience in scholarly publishing, KWF Market Research is expert at teasing out these insights via surveys, focus groups, interviews, and bibliometric analyses. We also offer market-beating response rates, and we can benchmark your results against industry averages to see how you stack up against the competition. 

We’ve witnessed first-hand how our findings can lead to immediate actionable insights. Consider what some recent clients of our Market Research and Development team have learned about author perceptions of their journals:

  • Onerous manuscript style requirements at one journal were leading to author frustration and reduced satisfaction levels.
  • The peer review at another journal was perceived as biased and potentially unfair, making some authors less likely to submit.
  • Authors in key fields weren’t submitting manuscripts to a journal due to a lack of editorial board representation.
  • High-impact papers submitted to a journal were being inappropriately rejected and ultimately published by competing journals.

Other clients have learned that authors really value the quality and speed of their journals’ editorial and production systems, building confidence in the current processes and allowing editors to focus attention on other priorities.

Whether you’re facing a decline in manuscript submissions or seeking to build on growing volume, KWF can help. Let us guide you through the intricacies of survey and bibliometric data analysis. Our research plans are always designed to yield practical, actionable recommendations that are customized to your specific situation. 

Isn’t it time to take a closer look at what your most important contributors think? The answers might surprise you. Please email me or call today to set up a consultation.