KWF Editorial Offers Custom Publisher Dashboards

Our solutions are real time and scalable, keeping your timelines on target and delivering the metrics you need for data-driven decision making.

Here are just some of the features our data management solutions include:

  • Multi-journal dashboard provides real-time oversight of editorial work
  • Automated task prioritization reduces editorial timelines
  • Links to protocols, checklists, and external applications create an organized and efficient virtual workspace
  • Individual journal trackers manage all steps of the peer review process, including correspondence with authors, editors and reviewers
  • Tracking makes sharing tasks easy and intuitive, enabling effective staff coverage during absences
  • Dashboards provide data needed to evaluate workflow efficiency and monitor staff performance
  • Custom metrics and reports are designed to fit your needs

Save time, increase productivity, and publish faster with KWF Editorial. Ask us how our data management solutions can help your organization.