Introducing KWF Consulting’s newest team members

KWF Consulting announces team expansion

Enhancing capacities and deepening capabilities

KWF Consulting grows its team to complement existing faculties and better serve its clientele.

  • In Consulting Solutions, Matt Jozwiak and Nichole Ridgeway add their talents and expertise to those of Dana Compton, Lisa Marshall, and Jen Kullgren.
  • Kerry Velilla and Debbie Heise now lead Market Research and Development, supported by the efforts of Annette Hager, Leigh Troy, Karen Anderson, and Sherri Leimkuhler.
  • Jenny Rowley heads our Operations team, with support from Maureen Bagwell, Lisa Colón, and Karen Eney.

Collectively, KWF Consulting’s expertise spans across the spectrum of scholarly publishing. Managing Director Cara Rivera comments, “We believe that we are better prepared than ever to help our clients traverse challenges and identify and fully capitalize on opportunities. These staffing changes allow us to more readily provide creative solutions to our clients.”

Dana Compton, Senior Consulting Associate, added, “Our talented team of associates possesses an unparalleled depth of expertise. We help societies navigate the rapidly changing publishing landscape and advise on timely and complex issues such as author outreach and satisfaction, new product development, long-term strategy, and knowledge integration that transcends traditional publication boundaries.”

Kerry Velilla notes that Market Research is “better resourced than ever to conduct and analyze market research of all types—expert interviews and focus groups; virtual panels; and longitudinal member, author, and prospective user surveys.” Debbie Heise adds that the team continues its “unparalleled work with publishers to increase product awareness and knowledge and generate a robust pipeline of prospects and qualified sales leads.”

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