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KWF Consulting takes a creative and coherent approach to publishing strategy. From facilitating strategic planning sessions to preparing comprehensive plans, we clarify your objectives, understand your current value proposition, ascertain and evaluate alternatives, and propose the most promising path forward.

To develop innovative products that are aligned with your mission and meet your goals for growth, KWF Consulting employs proven methods. We identify and screen ideas, craft new product concepts, pretest user adoption, prepare financial projections, secure Board approval, and schedule key events leading to launch. Our consultants have been involved in the development of dozens of new products. Our approach reduces risk and vastly increases the chance of continuing success.

Knowledge integration is one of today’s most pressing needs. Let KWF Consulting work with you to transcend organizational silos and traditional publication boundaries to develop pioneering digital information resources that will enhance member engagement, more systematically meet the educational and research needs of members, and support their professional advancement.

Clients are consistently impressed with the sophisticated, instructive, and confidence-building financial analyses that are the centerpiece of many of our project deliverables. KWF Consulting is careful to compare apples to apples in weighing options, thorough in our review of financial performance to uncover opportunities, and remarkably prescient in our projections.

KWF Consulting is a leading management consultancy serving the scholarly publishing community.

Whether you are looking for solutions involving strategy and innovation, publishing and operations, RFPs and contracts, market research and intelligence, sales and marketing, or executive and editor recruiting, you can count on us to help you reach your objectives. And if we happen not to have the necessary know-how, we will gladly tap our extensive network to find the resources you need.Meet Our Team