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KWF Consulting provides expert guidance on publishing and operations workflows, policies, and organization.

Turn to KWF Consulting for a 360-degree view of your publishing program. We have the diagnostic tools to identify critical strengths and weaknesses and the experience to suggest ways to mitigate threats and realize opportunities. Stakeholder interviews, a close review of important background documents, and competitive benchmarking inform our recommendations.

Wondering which journal governance structure works best, how to improve the author experience, or whether your peer review process is optimal? Looking to improve reviewer response or implement cascading peer review? Need to analyze citation and usage data, assess ethics policies, or update instructions to authors and reviewers? KWF Consulting is here to help.

With tact and skill, KWF Consulting can help assess and reconfigure your organization—editorial, production, marketing, or sales. To maximize efficiency, communications, and success, we will examine and reconsider workflows and critical handoff points, identify any resource gaps or overlaps, recommend custom solutions, and assist in change management.

KWF Consulting is a leading management consultancy serving the scholarly publishing community.

Whether you are looking for solutions involving strategy and innovation, publishing and operations, RFPs and contracts, market research and intelligence, sales and marketing, or executive and editor recruiting, you can count on us to help you reach your objectives. And if we happen not to have the necessary know-how, we will gladly tap our extensive network to find the resources you need.Meet Our Team