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KWF Consulting’s marketing and market development teams extend their expertise to clients looking to create product awareness, increase product knowledge, and generate prospects, leads, and sales. We have expertise in all aspects of marketing scholarly journals, books and other products.

No one is better positioned in the scholarly publishing community than KWF Consulting to develop brand, market, and product strategies. From assessing marketplace conditions and opportunities to exploring audience attitudes toward new ideas and solutions, we combine deep industry experience with proven expertise to deliver the insights you need to make big decisions with confidence. Our team of industry veterans can also design processes to execute strategic initiatives, develop tactical plans, and guide their implementation to carry your project from innovative concept to successful delivery.

We recruit participants, prepare discussion guides, demonstrate or share information on products, conduct individual interviews or group webinars, and classify interest in product adoption. Our consultants adeptly navigate through various institutions and find appropriate contacts. Our expertise includes marketing scholarly journals, textbooks, online programs, continuing education products, and point-of-care solutions. Prospects include faculty, program directors, hospital administrators, and other decision makers. Typical projects last six months to a year and, given our success, often are renewed for multiple years.

With a uniquely broad view of sales and marketing operations within scholarly publishing, KWF Consulting applies unparalleled understanding of best practices and current trends and a customized analysis of your capabilities and challenges to prepare effective sales and marketing plans. By working directly with all stakeholders, including editorial teams and buyers, our consultants create comprehensive programs, oversee program communication and setup, and even work with your staff to deploy campaigns and field tactics to deliver the results you need.

For multitudes of clients, KWF Consulting has proposed pricing models and rates and projected revenues by segment for journals, books, and content collections, for members, individual, and institutional subscriptions. We can assess your current pricing model by profiling your core market and assessing cost and usage trends within each segment. We can also help identify gaps in your market coverage. We have extraordinary experience in pricing publication fees such as submission fees, page charges, and article processing charges.

Many clients ask for our guidance through all phases of implementation and assistance in maintaining staff, leadership, and customer relationships.


KWF Consulting is a leading management consultancy serving the scholarly publishing community.

Whether you are looking for solutions involving strategy and innovation, publishing and operations, RFPs and contracts, market research and intelligence, sales and marketing, or executive and editor recruiting, you can count on us to help you reach your objectives. And if we happen not to have the necessary know-how, we will gladly tap our extensive network to find the resources you need.Meet Our Team