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We are not headhunters; we are consultants. As consultants, we are specialists in our field and bring value-added insights to filling publishing executive positions. Clients retain our services; we are collaborative and do not compete on the same client projects; we are interested in long-term relationships; and, our focus is to improve your mission and overall success.

As consultants, we are in touch with publishing executives and the scientific leaders of professional societies and publishers every day. Our network of clients and colleagues for candidate referrals is unparalleled!

Editor recruiting is a highly specialized service successfully offered for years by KWF Consulting.

KWF Consulting’s recruiting services include preparing or fine-tuning publishing executive job descriptions, benchmarking compensation plans, drafting and posting ad copy, and networking and prospecting. We screen and interview applicants, recommending the most qualified candidates for the role. Throughout, we manage the interview process as well as client and candidate communications. We conduct reference checks and collaborate on extending the offer.

KWF Consulting is a leading management consultancy serving the scholarly publishing community.

Whether you are looking for solutions involving strategy and innovation, publishing and operations, RFPs and contracts, market research and intelligence, sales and marketing, or executive and editor recruiting, you can count on us to help you reach your objectives. And if we happen not to have the necessary know-how, we will gladly tap our extensive network to find the resources you need.Meet Our Team