Our KWF Trackers integrate with editorial management software to improve productivity and performance.

Today’s editorial management software systems house a trove of strategic manuscript data, but using that data to improve productivity and performance is another challenge altogether. Recognizing that editorial offices need reports that go beyond those available on manuscript management systems, KWF Editorial developed a suite of customized trackers to pinpoint key workflow issues. This allows editorial offices to solve their most pressing productivity issues, be they working through a backlog, improving time from submission to first decision or reviewer turn around.

KWF Trackers work in conjunction with editorial management software and are the secret weapon of a successful editorial office. Currently in use are KWF Trackers that

  1. Show manuscript flow and staff productivity for a portfolio of titles
  2. Collect usage statistics and other journal metrics from multiple venues and present in an easy-to-view graphical report
  3. Track author permissions for multi-author book projects

KWF Editorial also can use its data tracking methodology to create a customized dashboard with a consolidated view into your usage metrics or other measures that may drive content decisions. The customized tracking utility will minimize the amount of staff time required to prepare individual reports and will organize data into a coherent whole to give your managers the strategic knowledge they need to improve existing products and invent new ones that will meet the needs of their selective and sophisticated audience.

KWF Editorial is a leading editorial services provider to the scholarly publishing community.

For our publisher partners, we manage their editorial offices, administer a la carte journal peer review services, identify reviewers and expand and tag reviewer databases, offer copyediting and production services, maintain websites, promote your authors' work through social media, and produce meaningful analytics and reports.Meet Our Team