In spite of the decades-long practice of using offshore vendors for copyediting services and editorial workflow, high-quality US-based services are still in demand, and KWF Editorial is pleased to offer them. Our approach is to assemble customized teams with skill sets aligned with the work at hand. Sometimes this takes the form of a single experienced copyeditor working on an entire book project and other times it means a team of individuals all applying the same protocols to a large body of work moving through production.

Editorial Workflow

KWF Editorial corrects the proofs for 20,000 manuscripts a year. We carefully review the composed PDF, HMTL, and XML of each article, promptly handling manuscripts, and catching but not overcorrecting errors as indicated by protocols. We provide data to the journal about composition errors and turn times, to improve time to publication.


KWF Editorial’s copyediting services are performed highly skilled, US-based professional copyeditors, for both journal articles and book chapters.

KWF Editorial is a leading editorial services provider to the scholarly publishing community.

For our publisher partners, we manage their editorial offices, administer a la carte journal peer review services, identify reviewers and expand and tag reviewer databases, offer copyediting and production services, maintain websites, promote your authors' work through social media, and produce meaningful analytics and reports.Meet Our Team