From CME materials to social media content to special collections, KWF Editorial’s Web strategy and content development services can fulfill your content needs.

A journal’s editorial voice must reach authoritatively beyond the publication of scholarly articles into the realm of websites, social media, and CME programs, and busy editors in chief don’t always have the bandwidth to extend their involvement in these areas.

Fortunately, KWF Editorial has been able to augment the editorial capabilities of journals by recruiting specialized staff to provide technical support and content development services.

Content SUPPORT services Examples
Expertise matching
  • Review manuscripts and select editors and reviewers based on their expertise
Website updating
  • Prepare materials for websites to augment publication of scholarly articles
  • Curate topic-specific collections for special treatment on websites
Social media content development and posting
  • Assist in developing a strategy to utilize social media channels most effectively, according to the particular needs of each publication
  • Provide support to develop and release content that will maximize the visibility of the journal
CME program materials
  • Work with editor to identify CME articles
  • Supply materials to outside writer for drafting of objectives and questions
  • Manage peer review of CME materials
  • Archive materials


KWF Editorial is a leading editorial services provider to the scholarly publishing community.

For our publisher partners, we manage their editorial offices, administer a la carte journal peer review services, identify reviewers and expand and tag reviewer databases, offer copyediting and production services, maintain websites, promote your authors' work through social media, and produce meaningful analytics and reports.Meet Our Team